Haciedo por @lodoftelenco y @StoesselRumania
Con la partipacion de @ViolettaRumania @FCOViolettaRum @MechiftRuggeRum y @tinilodoknd @TiniRumania

Contacts Violetta:
✿ Twitter Violetta Cast: http://twitter.com/lodoftelenco
✿ Twitter Lodovica Comello: http://twitter.com/LComelloRum
✿ Twitter Ruggero Pasquarelli: http://twitter.com/ohruggero
✿ Facebook Lodovica Comello: http://facebook.com/LodovicaComelloRum

Kpop fandoms accounts:
✿ Instagram Red Velvets Joyrene : http://instagram.com/joyrene.fandom
✿ Instagram kgirls: http://instagram.com/qxreana
✿ WeHeartIt: http://weheartit.com/helloreana
✿ Tumblr: http://helloreana.tumblr.com/

Music & photos are not mine.
All credits are going to the owners.




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