PHANTAFOX – Love The Noise (Zwette Remix) OUT NOW.
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Phantafox is a musical creature born from the sea on a hot summer day. Phantafox keeps in its eyes children’s curiosity and isn’t afraid to discover new sounds and worlds. Desert towns are now crowded with memories. Phantafox runs free and never looks back. Phantafox plays hide-and-seek, it hides and shows itself, it tells without revealing and it loses itself to be found.
“Love The Noise” is the first single by the “phanta” fox. It’s coming out with fab remixes, reshaping, modelling, transforming the starting point, which is also the anchor where we keep returning. The remixes are by producers who didn’t need any presentation. Zwette is the German magician: he is able to turn everything he touches with his hand into gold, from Tom Odell “Another Love” to Sigma “Nobody to Love”. The Voyagers are the terrible flying Dutchmen who already worked together with Oliver Heldens for “A Lot Like Love”. They made it louder and used perfect synths for a remix made to dance. Vanilla Ace & LeSonic delivered a future house remix winking at those who walk with elephants and at their tuba. The Londoner producer is bewitching everyone.
If this is noise, well, we definitely love it.


The Voyagers




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