TRUSS ROD – Run Wild (Talul & Matteo Luis Remix) is out now.
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Truss Rod is a project born from the collaboration of a group of musicians, authors, deejays and producers in the Milan area, Jacopo Festa, Carl Fath, Roberto Turatti and Barbara Schera Vanoli.

Who understands about music should already know that the truss rod is a part of the guitar. The name hasn’t been chosen by chance. All the intense and deep house tracks of this project were born under the acoustic guitar’s star and represent the real meeting point for all different musical words of the eclectic components of the group.

“Run Wild” is a deep house ballad, one of those tracks to listen while traveling, with a straight road in front of you and no precise destination. It’s enough to travel and watch the landscapes passing by at high speed from the car window. This is an elegant and passionate track. This is a track to keep always with you.

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